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about zoo Mureș

The country's largest zoo in terms of area

Now spanning 42 hectares, provides a habitat for approximately 800 animals, representing over 150 local and exotic species.  It stands as the country’s largest zoo in terms of area and is unique in housing elephants, giraffes, and gibbons. 

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Among our zoo visitors, there are many who frequent our grounds multiple times a year. For these enthusiasts, we present the opportunity to acquire an annual pass. With this pass, they can explore our zoo every day of the year, relishing the joy of observing their favorite animals at any time.

Twice a year, all pass holders are extended an invitation to exclusive events crafted especially for them

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About platoul cornești

Fun and sports

The Cornești Plateau, covering 2.5 hectares, is under the zoo’s administration and features a modern playground, a fitness park, running and biking tracks, and a recently renovated amphitheater.


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Meet the meerkats. Daily event at above-mentioned hour.



Walk slower, live longer

Meet the Hermann's tortoise. Daily event at above-mentioned hour.



Rock climbing champions

Meet the alpine ibex. Daily event at above-mentioned hour.

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