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The beginnings

The Gates Opened in 1964

The zoo’s establishment is credited to László Rend, who envisioned this institution. Around him, a group of enthusiastic volunteers and specialists gathered, contributing to the creation of the zoo’s initial nucleus, covering an area of 600-700 square meters. When the gates first opened on August 23rd, 1964, the entire animal population consisted of 3 wolves, 2 bears, 2 wild boars, 2 pheasants, and a deer. By 1965, the zoo’s area had expanded to 20 hectares and has since reached its current size.

We protect animals

the present

Is unique in housing elephants, giraffes, and gibbons

Now spanning 42 hectares, provides a habitat for approximately 800 animals, representing over 150 local and exotic species. It stands as the country’s largest zoo in terms of area and is unique in housing elephants, giraffes, and gibbons.

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Great time for the whole family

The ticket allows you to visit the whole park, participate in daily events and discover this fascinating world.



The Cornești Plateau houses the parking lot, playgrounds and stalls with food and drinks. After a short walk from the parking lot (approx. 5-10 minutes) you will reach the entrance of the Târgu-Mureș Zoo. The zoo provides easy access for people with disabilities.

Food and Drinks

The visit to the Zoo lasts at least 2 hours. Don't forget to get the food and drinks you need before entering the Zoo. Cornești Plateau has food and drink stalls.


At the entrance to Cornești Plateau you will find the parking lot. Access by car is not allowed in the playground/fitness area and in the Zoo.


You can reach Cornești Plateau on foot, by bike, by car or by bus. The bus runs during the summer. > Bus timetable

Come and discover captivating animals in their natural habitats!

The zoo is situated in the eastern part of Târgu Mureș, atop the Cornești Plateau, at an elevation of 488 meters above sea level and 197 meters above the city. The “Great Forest,” predominantly covered with native hornbeam and beech trees, provides an ideal habitat for the zoo, ensuring the animals can live comfortably. This ancient forest, stretching over approximately 500 hectares, encompasses 45 hectares housing both the Zoo and Cornești Plateau Park. Its historical significance is evident in documents dating back to the 15th century.

Thanks to continuous developments, the zoo introduces new attractions every year, including a traditional courtyard featuring local species and newly opened enclosures. Additionally, it hosts ongoing zoopedagogical activities, engaging numerous visitors.

The Cornești Plateau, covering 2.5 hectares, is under the zoo’s administration and features a modern playground, a fitness park, running and biking tracks, and a recently renovated amphitheater. Notably, the number of visitors here surpasses those entering the zoo.

Come and discover captivating animals in their natural habitats while enjoying your time here! Discover the wonders of nature!

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